2020 Event Information

Thank You to all who participated in our 2020 events, we have one final event coming up on October 10th, so if you wanted to drive your car or help raise money for local charity now is your final chance for the year!

What to expect in 2020 

  • New ways to stay connected

As we grow we are looking for new ways to stay connected with drivers, when we are on the road and before events. 2020 will offer participants ways to stay connected through the whole event.

  • Improved destinations

We have seen the best roads close to home but this season will extended out a true invitation for adventure as we broaden our horizons to coastal cities and destinations south of the border. 

  • Larger Groups

Over the years our events have grown and so have our ambitions, 2020 will bring changes that allow us to accomodate more drivers. That means less barriers and more room for you & your friends, so spread the word.

  • More Decals

Every event, we love to see drivers get fired up about their number for the rally, and being able to wear the decals as a badge of honor to show they completed another awesome event, well this year we are taking that to the max with sponsor decals and unique livery options for returning drivers.

  • Route Cards

Moving forward route cards will be issued at the start of each event, this will allow each driver to move at their own pace, arriving at each checkpoint within the time slot. This will help us avoid stopping or slowing down the entire group for minor pit stops, and give each driver more space to enjoy these amazing roads.

 2020 schedule

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