Show &shop

New Horizon Mall

Writing Creek Cres, Balzac, AB T0M 0E0

4PM - 8PM 

Heated underground parkade & Atrium 

Join us for the launch of our Show & Shop

utilizing a state of the art brand new facility, we will have amazing vendors, awesome cars, and big prizes all in one location. The Show & Shop is one of a kind, an event focused on enthusiasts who prioritize driving their cars, staying true to our brand as a whole. Enjoy a shopping experience tailored for drivers as we transform this shopping center into a landmark for the automotive scene.  



The Show & Shop is set to be a large scale event with an expected attendance in the thousands. This means there is room for sponsors of all sizes, if you are interested in being our co-pilot click the button below and we will work with your team to find a suitable package that fits your needs and helps you reach your marketing goals.




-No idling or starting your vehicle while the meet is taking place. 


- Absolutely 0 tolerance for revving inside the parkade, this is common sense and you will be asked to leave. 


-No excessive honking, music, car alarms, or noise of any kind while inside the parkade.


- Do not litter, if you are seen littering you will be asked to pick it up and leave. 


- No burnouts or sliding, This space has been given to us by the mall to use, that won’t be the case if they have to clean up tire marks every week. 


- No reckless driving on mall property, what you do when you leave or before you come is up to you but don’t do it on mall property.


- No smoking, vaping, or anything related to such while in the parkade, this is a big deal as we can be fined. You will be removed if we see it. 


-overall respect the spot, don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in front of a cop while you are at the meet and remember this spot is a privilege that comes with a lot of rules we must follow. 





We are not liable for your vehicle in any way while on mall property. 

© 2019 Justice Road Rallies,/All pictures are of local cars from local photographers, all credits are listed on our Instagram.

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