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At Justice Road Rallies we create a community for enthusiasts to connect with each other, in a fun supportive environment. With the help of our sponsors, we provide events for drivers at all levels to get the most out of their vehicles. With our short summer seasons we want to take advantage of every good day. This is truly the place where we make every kilometer count. 


Rallying is a diverse sport with many versions all having different rules. Our drivers traverse many disciplines of rally as each event may be a different form. To simplify what rallies are, it's a scavenger hunt on wheels that utilizes driving and time restrictions to produce the challenge. After registration, an email will be sent to each driver outlining instructions and Challenge of that event. 


As a car enthusiast every minute spent behind the wheel is a vacation, an escape where you are in full control. Add in a group of your best friends driving down the road side-by-side and that's paradise. Many conventional rallies cost between 1 and 5 thousand dollars, but as true enthusiasts we want everyone to have access to the experience that drives us. Together we will forge a positive community, not just for ourselves but for generations to come. 


Most of our events are single day only, and take place in the city. However we also hold special events throughout the year that take place outside of the city known as adventure rallies, where we explore other locations. 



We hold many events throughout the summer. Typically once a month during the Summer, Spring and Fall seasons . See our events page for more information on what events are coming soon or join our mailing list so you never miss a rally.  



Everyone is welcome. We get our inspiration from grass roots rallying that started in the UK and is responsible for the vast car culture they have to this day. Staying true to that, we do our best to remove all barriers to entry,  bring your inner car enthusiast, a positive attitude and you will have a wonderful time!


How do I join a car rally? :

Simply check out the registration page and select an event that works for you, each event will have a registration fee. once registered just show up at the specified time and place with your car, a full tank of gas, maybe even your best friend, and be ready for the drive of a life time.


Standard rules for all rallies

(and Karins)

1. If at any point during the rally you receive a moving violation*  from a police officer you will be disqualified

2. If at any point during the rally you drive in a manner that is considered reckless* you will be disqualified

3. Each rally will have a clearly stated disqualification time, if you complete the rally faster than that time you will be disqualified.

4. Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated at any time and will get you banned from future rallies.

5. Our team reserves the right to disqualify or ban at our discretion 

As a driver you are solely responsible for your actions on the road, so be mindful and safe as you drive.

*moving violation does not include things like tinted windows or illegal exhaust etc. 

*reckless driving will be determined at our team’s discretion, but if it increases the chance of someone getting hurt, it's reckless.

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